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Posted below is the audio from the recent ‘Bodies of Thought’ conference held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Christine Battersby  (University of Warwick), “A-Life, AI and B-Life: The Cognitive Sciences, Bare Life and Birthed Life”

Veronica Vasterling (Radbound University), “Nature-Nurture Revisited: The Dualist Underpinnings of Evolutionary Psychology and Social Constructionism”

Mirko Farina (MACCS, Sydney / University of Edinburgh), “Finding My Mind: A Case for Extended Cognition”

Mike Wheeler (University of Stirling), Ways of Mattering: Embodied Thought and Thinking Bodies”

John Protevi  (Louisiana State University), “Populations of Subjects”

Saray Ayala (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) “Manipulating Bodies & Incorporating Technology: Re-inventing Sex”

Susan Oyama (John Jay College & CUNY), Incidence, Essence, and Developmental Systems”

Chryssa Sdrolia (Goldsmiths, University of London), “For a Panexperientialist Metaphysics of Thought”

Lauren Freeman (Concordia University, Montreal), “Challenging A Panoptics of the Womb: Phenomenological Responses to the Problem of Diminished Epistemic Authority in Pregnancy”

Jess Cadwallader (University of Groningen), “Sedimentation, Wounded Attachments and Forgetting: Phenomenology and Psychopharmacology”

Eva De Clercq  (University of Pisa), “Toward an Ontology of Corporeal Uniqueness”


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